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Who we are

“Food Radiation Measurement Project” started as a joint project by Sendai Christian Alliance Disaster Relief Network (Touhoku HELP) and Iwaki Christian Earthquake Reconstruction Support Network (Iwaki CERS-net). Touhoku HELP and also Iwaki CERS-net are a Church federation. So our “radiation measurement station” is and always has been a church action. Church is a reality, action as a love vessel to lead reconciliation. So our project should be done as a love action.
People in the disaster area are still in suffering from segmentation. The radiation issue especially brings severe problem to the disaster area. ‘Danger/Safety’ or ’Evacuate/Stay’, in the work place, family, or within ourselves has torn people apart.
Radiation brings a lot of fear to us. We hope to accompany the people who are in the fear and stand against their despair together. And we believe that God’s Love breaks the “isolated wall”. We are looking forward to meeting you all at our measurement station with hope in God.

Food Radiation Measurement Project
Chairman Naoya Kawakami



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Nor cause His voice to be heard in the street. Isaiah 42